Will a Supportive Bra Prevent Breast Sagging?

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Posted: February 14, 2023

Beauty topless woman body covering her big breastA supportive bra can help to prevent back strain, improve comfort during rigorous activities, and even help to enhance the appearance of the breasts while clothed. But even the most supportive bra cannot prevent breast tissue from sagging.

Breast sagging results from genetics, gravity, and the natural loss of skin elasticity as you age. A supportive bra can lift sagging breasts and produce a firmer look when worn, but once the garment is removed, the benefit is eliminated, leaving many women to look for a solution that doesn’t rely on straps and cups for support.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a fantastic option for women whose breasts have begun to sag. Capable of producing long-lasting results, a breast lift will improve the firmness and location of the breast mound, allowing excess and unnecessary skin to be removed and creating a perkier, more youthful look for the chest.

Sometimes, a breast lift will result in a slight reduction in cup size. This is different from a reduction in breast size, but it may be noticeable all the same. Combining a breast lift with breast implants may be the ideal option if this is a concern for you.

The results can be stunning when breast implants are added to breast lift surgery. Breast implants improve the shape and symmetry of the breasts. They can also help to create ideal contours by improving the profile of the breasts, bringing them into perfect balance with the rest of your body. Breast lift with implants is standard during mommy makeover surgery, but it can also benefit women who have not had children when both volume loss and sagging tissue are present.

The best way to learn if a single option or a combination of procedures will suit your needs is through a consultation with Dr. Brenda Schiesel at our comfortable Tulsa office.

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No matter what your concerns are, Dr. Schiesel is here to help. During your initial consultation, she will listen to your desires and carefully examine the relationship between your breasts and surrounding features. This helps to ensure all of your options are covered, allowing you to make the decisions you feel will help you reach your goals.

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