Erin, Office Manager

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Erin Holmes, Office Manager at South Tulsa Plastic Surgery

Meet Erin Holmes, our office manager. Coming to South Tulsa Plastic Surgery after a decade in the medical field, Erin has been with our practice since 2015 and has found plastic surgery is her passion. Attentive and kind, Erin assists with providing surgical quotes, scheduling procedures, and fulfilling similar patient services and office duties.

If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure in or around Tulsa, please call our office at 918-518-5144 to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brenda Schiesel today. 

A Texas Girl Who Loves Oklahoma

Born in the Lone Star State, Erin has always been a Texas girl at heart, but Coweta, Oklahoma has become her home. Weekends can often find Erin at various lakes throughout the region, cheering on her tournament fisherman husband, or watching her son play baseball from the stands.

According to Erin, “Coffee is life, Dr. Pepper is my best friend and there is nothing better than being out on the lake as the sun is setting!" 

Erin loves Jesus and her family, and is dedicated to both. She also loves her job – where she is dedicated to helping each of our patients achieve their goals. 

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