Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation with Injectables and Fillers

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Posted: February 11, 2021
Infographic: Fillers and Injectables and South Tulsa Plastic Surgery

At South Tulsa Plastic Surgery, we understand that surgical solutions are neither attractive nor right for every person. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of non-surgical options to assist our patients in achieving their desired looks. If you are considering a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, give us a call at 918-518-5144 to schedule your initial consultation today!

What are Injectables and Fillers?

Injectables is an umbrella term that can refer to any cosmetic treatment that is injected into the skin. Some of the most popular Injectables are neuromodulators, which work to interrupt the signal between muscles and nerves, releasing tension to allow overlying skin to smooth.

Neuromodulators available at our office include:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic
  • Dysport®
  • Jeuveau®

Neuromodulators can be used to eliminate forehead wrinkles, frown lines in between the eyebrows, crow’s feet extending from the corners of the eyes, and much more. In some cases, neuromodulators can even be used to address skin laxity and help to restore a lifted appearance to the jaw.

Neuromodulators offer up to four months of smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Maintenance injections can be performed as often as needed to help ensure continuous results if you so desire.

In addition to neuromodulators, we offer dermal fillers. These use ingredients like hyaluronic acid to increase moisture in the skin, stimulate collagen production, and produce a softer, fuller, and smoother appearance. 

Fillers available at our office include those from the Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Revanesse® families. Depending on your needs, these can be used to add volume to the cheeks and the area underneath the eyes, and to produce a fuller and smoother facial appearance in general. Some of these fillers can be used for lip augmentation as well.

Dermal fillers can produce results for several months with some lasting as long as 18 to 24. We can help you anticipate how long your results might last during your treatment consultation.

Committed to the health and happiness of every patient we see, our board-certified plastic surgeon and remarkable staff encourage you to call South Tulsa Plastic Surgery at 918-518-5144 to schedule your initial consultation today. We serve Broken Arrow, Owasso, and all nearby areas of Oklahoma. 

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