Danica Patrick Has Implants Removed Following BII Diagnosis

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Posted: December 15, 2022

Beautiful slim body of woman in studioDanica Patrick recently took to Instagram to discuss her breast implant illness (BII) diagnosis and the battery of tests she had to run through before receiving it. According to the famed NASCAR racer, following cycle irregularity, weight gain, changes in hair health, and even facial shape irregularities, she had gone down a medical "rabbit hole," undergoing every test her doctors could think of. As a result, she received treatment for various health concerns, but nothing relieved her symptoms. It wasn’t until a board-certified plastic surgeon diagnosed her with BII and subsequently removed her implants that her symptoms began to improve.

Breast Implant Illness

Breast implant illness is the name given to several disparate symptoms that may be caused by silicone and saline breast implants. However, while a growing body of evidence points to the existence of this condition, it is still largely overlooked and ignored by the medical community. 

Dr. Brenda Schiesel does not overlook breast implant illness. She knows it's real. She knows it's treatable. And she is here to help women suffering from the condition eliminate symptoms and restore physical and mental comfort through breast implant removal.

Symptoms of BII may include:

  • Brain Fog
  • Concentration Problems
  • Sleep Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Hair Loss
  • Rashes and Dry Skin

Joint and muscle pain are also common symptoms of BII, as are mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Symptoms experienced by Danica Patrick, including cycle irregularity and weight fluctuations, are also possible with breast implant illness, making it easy to see how difficult the condition can be to diagnose.

If you have breast implants and are experiencing any symptoms of BII, no matter how long ago you had breast augmentation, talking to a knowledgeable plastic surgeon is the best way to learn if breast implant illness might be playing a role in your discomfort.

Dr. Schiesel is one of the very few female board-certified plastic surgeons in the United States and among only a handful of surgeons who diagnose and treat BII. If you believe you may be suffering from this condition, please call South Tulsa Plastic Surgery at 918-518-5144 to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

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