Surprising Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

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Posted: May 31, 2023

breast reduction Many women don’t realize the effects of having larger breasts and what it can do to your body. From discomfort and severe pain to headaches and shortness of breath, you may find yourself looking for answers. Breast reduction can reduce these issues.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is used to make your breasts smaller by removing extra breast tissue. Once some of the tissue is removed, the skin on and around your breasts will be tightened, and the areola and nipple will be moved to where they look natural. 

Benefits of Breast Reduction 

At South Tulsa Plastic Surgery, we offer breast reduction surgery because we know the many benefits it can cause if you have large breasts. These benefits include:

  • Reduce back pain: If you have larger breasts, you may be experiencing mild to severe pain in your back, shoulders, or neck. You can reduce or even get rid of the pain by having a breast reduction.
  • Improve your posture and body proportion: Large breasts can make you slouch, causing you to have a bad posture. It can also be the main cause of your body looking disproportionate. If this is the case, surgery could benefit you greatly.
  • Improve your body hygiene: Large breasts can cause poor body hygiene because the breast folds are known to produce sweat. This could be the source of any rashes you are experiencing under your breasts. 
  • Fast recovery: If you decide to get breast reduction surgery, you will have a quick recovery time as discomfort only lasts about a day, and you are able to go back to your daily activities and work seven to fourteen days after surgery.

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