What Are the Top Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift?

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Posted: February 29, 2024

Breast Liftbreast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that can restore sagging breasts to a youthful, more prominent position. If you are considering a breast lift, then Dr. Brenda Schiesel of South Tulsa Plastic Surgery would love to help. Here are some of the benefits a breast lift can offer.

Top Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift

Increased Confidence

For many women, the confidence boost that comes with a more youthful appearance is reason enough to consider a breast lift procedure. While sagging breasts can happen for a variety of reasons, a breast lift can lead to higher self-confidence and enhanced comfort.

Reduced Back and Shoulder Discomfort

Sagging breasts can cause chronic pain by pulling down muscles in the back and neck. While a support bra can help, the added weight of low-hanging breasts is often transferred to the shoulder straps. If you feel like your bra is constantly digging into your shoulders or back, a breast lift may be able to help.

Reduced Chafing

Sagging breasts can cause chafing by constantly rubbing up against the skin of your upper torso. This can result in irritation at best and pain or infection at worst. If needed, Dr. Brenda Schiesel can combine your breast lift with a breast reduction to help restore your comfort and confidence.

Better Posture

Drooping breasts can lead to a drooping posture, affecting your health more than you might think. Bad posture can increase your risks of everything from headaches and back pain to osteoarthritis. A breast lift can lighten the load of low-hanging breasts and make it easier to stand straight and tall.

Enhanced Mobility

Are sagging breasts keeping you from enjoying exercise or other physical activities? If so, a breast lift may be the first step toward restoring the mobility needed to maintain an active lifestyle. After undergoing the procedure, many women feel like a literal weight has been lifted off their chests.

Schedule a Breast Lift Consultation With Dr. Schiesel

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