When Is It the Right Time to Get a Breast Lift Procedure?

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Posted: June 30, 2023

Breast lift procedureDebatably, breast lift procedures can be done at any point throughout your life if you so choose to have one done. But there are better times to get this procedure done. This is a procedure that can help you feel better about your breasts after undergoing excessive weight loss. Common factors that encourage this procedure getting done are pregnancy, old age, genetics, and general weight loss. Below we’ll delve into some of these factors to help you consider when it may be the best time for you to consider a breast lift procedure. Read on!

Why Do You Want to Get a Breast Lift Done?

Sometimes there is a misconception about breast lifts that they will make your breasts larger in some capacity. This is not the case, this procedure involves lifting the overall profile of your breasts so that they appear firmer and do not sag. So in a way, it does make them look more pronounced, but it does not do anything to increase the volume of your breasts. If that is your goal you should consider breast augmentation through the use of implants.

Are You Planning on Having More Children?

One of the most prominent times to have a breast lift procedure done is after pregnancy. Your body goes through a lot during the process of birth and then does a reset of sorts afterward. This reset typically involves drastic weight loss and your body shape to change back to how it was before becoming pregnant. With that being said, if you do plan to have more children or are at least unopposed to the idea, you may want to hold off on a breast lift.

How Do You Feel About Your Weight Currently?

Many others tend to get a breast lift after losing excessive weight. Whether that’s from the after-effects of pregnancy or from achieving your weight loss goals, it can help improve your overall look. Once you’ve toned your body how you want it to be, it feels somewhat disappointing if it causes your breasts to sag. Thus a breast lift can help you achieve the overall look you desire afterward.

At the end of the day, a breast lift procedure should only be done if you’re in good health and have a stable body state. If you’d like to know more, simply reach out to us here at South Tulsa Plastic Surgery in Tulsa, OK, by calling 918-518-5144.

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