How Many Sizes Can You Drop With a Breast Reduction?

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Posted: April 30, 2023

woman in silver bra against a white backgroundBreast reduction surgery improves comfort, increases range of motion, and enhances the appearance of the upper body in women with very large breasts. When the breasts are too big for the frame, limit abilities, cause physical or emotional discomfort, or detract from surrounding features, breast reduction surgery is often the most reliably effective way to correct the issue. The best way to learn if a breast reduction is the right fit for your needs is through a one-on-one consultation at our comfortable Tulsa office.

How many sizes you can drop with a breast lift depends on factors unique to your body and desires. Typically, the procedure reduces the breasts by one to two sizes, though more significant reduction is possible when breasts are exceedingly heavy, pendulous, or oversized.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Schiesel will carefully evaluate your breasts and surrounding features to help establish the ideal size. She will also listen to your concerns, considering your goals and ultimate desires to ensure your results align with your expectations.

Does a Breast Reduction Lift Sagging Breast Tissue?

Breast reduction often gives a more lifted appearance to the chest. When a large amount of tissue is removed from the breast mound, the loss of weight alone can help to improve the firmness and projection of the breasts. However, breast reduction is not breast lift surgery; the two may need to be combined for optimal outcomes.

Where breast reduction achieves lift by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin, during a breast lift, the mound itself is lifted and firmed, improving the location, projection, symmetry, and outline of the chest. Adding this step to breast reduction surgery can help to ensure the most pleasing and frame-enhancing results. During your free breast surgery consultation, we will help you decide if lift and reduction are necessary to reach your goals.

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