The Most Common Reasons for Breast Implant Revision

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Posted: November 30, 2023

breast implant revisionBreast implant revision is a surgical procedure that aims to correct complications from breast augmentation or simply to create a different look for the patient. For many women who feel unhappy with the results of their previous augmentation, having the option of breast implant revision can be a great lifesaver. 

Why Do Women Choose to Get Breast Implant Revision?

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture, a complication of breast augmentation, is believed to arise when your body produces an exaggerated foreign body response to the implant. This inflammatory response triggers the formation of fibrous tissue, resulting in breasts that are excessively firm and accompanied by discomfort. 

Breast implant revision surgery is a potential treatment option for addressing capsular contracture. During the procedure, the surgeon will carefully remove the fibrous scar tissue and ensure a smooth and successful replacement. In many cases, chances of complications may be reduced through innovative approaches to implant placement, such as strategically positioning the implant beneath the chest muscle.

Asymmetrical Results

Breast implant asymmetry happens when your implants look uneven, or one is different in size or positioning from the other. This complication often results from incorrect breast augmentation processes, such as improperly filling the implants, poor placement, or a failure to account for differences in your natural breast size. Breast implant revision surgery will be an effective way to correct issues faced with asymmetrical results.

Fold Malposition

During a breast augmentation procedure, your surgeon will make incisions along the natural creases under and on the sides of your breasts. Not only do these folds help conceal the incisions, but they also serve as guides to help your breasts achieve a well-balanced and natural appearance.

However, fold malposition occurs when one or both of these folds have shifted position due to a loss in skin elasticity or a breakdown of implant boundaries. When this happens, the breasts may be pushed too far apart, the implants may bottom out, or the breasts may even merge into a single form.

A Change of Heart

In addition to specific concerns requiring correction, it is perfectly possible and normal to choose breast implant revision surgery when you simply want a different look for your breasts following your augmentation procedure. Provided that there has been enough time for your body to heal and that you are generally in good health to undergo surgery again, you can always choose to change or enhance the look and feel of your breast implants.

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