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QWO is the only FDA-approved injectable prescription medication designed to treat moderate to severe cellulite in adult women. Non-surgical, safe, and effective, QWO is a first-of-its-kind treatment, offering a proven solution for women who have struggled to reduce cellulite through diet, exercise, and at-home treatments.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brenda Schiesel is pleased to bring this revolutionary treatment to our Tulsa office. If you have struggled to reduce your cellulite but found no success, she welcomes the opportunity to meet with you for a one-on-one consultation where she can listen to your concerns, fully assess the treatment area, and help you determine if QWO is right for you.

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What is QWO?

QWO is an injectable treatment for moderate to severe cellulite in adult women. The primary ingredient in QWO is collagenases, a group of enzymes that break down collagen. Injected into carefully selected areas of the buttocks, QWO is proven to eliminate the appearance of cellulite, helping to restore a smoother, softer, and more attractive-looking derriere.

How Does QWO Work?

While proven safe and effective, the exact method by which QWO works is not actually known. It is suspected that the enzymes, once injected, serve to release the fibrous bands that cause buttock dimpling, redistribute fat cells that have clumped near the surface of the skin, and stimulate new collagen production to help ensure a softer and more voluminous appearance. 

Who is a Good Candidate for QWO?

The best candidates for QWO are women who are in generally good health, at or near their goal weight, and ready to do something about their cellulite. QWO is best for patients with moderate to severe cellulite and tighter skin. If you have skin laxity as well as cellulite, a butt lift may be more effective.

Cellulite is not linked to health conditions. It’s not caused by weight gain. It cannot typically be treated through diet and exercise. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your buttocks due to cellulite, you may be the ideal candidate for QWO. Use the contact form on this page or call our Tulsa plastic surgeon today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

How Long Does it Take to See Results From QWO?

The enzymes in QWO get to work as soon as they are injected, but cannot produce immediate results. Most women begin to see improvement within three weeks, but it may take up to ten for results to be fully realized. During this time, adopting a healthy and active lifestyle can assist in building a firmer backside, which may help to enhance your results. 

We would be happy to discuss activities that can help to enhance the buttocks and provide you with the information you’ll need to make the most out of your treatment.

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How Many QWO Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments that will be necessary to eliminate your cellulite will be dependent on factors unique to your body. Some women find optimal results after a single treatment. Others may need up to three treatments to see the results they desire. We will work with you individually to determine acceptable outcomes and perform as many treatments as needed to help you achieve your desired results.

How Long Will Results From QWO Last?

QWO can produce results for 12 months or more, depending on several factors unique to your body. Genetic predisposition and the process of aging cannot be altered, which makes your lifestyle the most important part of maintaining long-lasting results. Be sure to hydrate appropriately, eat a healthy diet, and get plenty of exercise to help prevent fat accumulation and keep your results lasting as long as possible.

Are There Risks Associated With QWO?

There are very few risks associated with QWO treatment. Some redness, swelling, and bruising may be present at the injection site. This is typically nominal and self-correcting. Itching, hardened areas, and warmness around the treatment site are possible as well. As with other minor side effects, these should resolve on their own. 
When side effects are persistent or become severely uncomfortable, it may be a sign of allergic reaction. While extremely rare, allergic reactions to QWO may result in difficulty breathing, chest pain, dizziness and fainting, and facial swelling. These symptoms should be brought to the immediate attention of Dr. Schiesel.
QWO is considered safe and effective for most patients, but may not be the best solution for your needs. Honest and attentive, Dr. Schiesel will evaluate your candidacy for this treatment to help keep you safe, comfortable, and satisfied while in our care.

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